Point and Shoot: Using Video to Capture Learning

Examples of Classrooms Using Video


Kindergarten students use a Common Craft-like video to explain how to make maple syrup.
Kindergarten students use problem-solving skills to decide how to make a Roamer travel a desired distance.
Kindergarten students share what they found out about another kindergarten class in another part of Canada during a Skype call.
Grade one students show the sound of the letter K.
Grade one students show the 'h' brothers
Grade one students teaching the world about contractions
Grade one students show and describe what is happening as their Praying Mantid sheds its skin..
Grade two cereal comercials
Grade Three Inquiry Why do leaves change colour? (the second video is the best)
Grade 3 Celebrating Mexican Culture (2 videos) Students teach Spanish phrases and dance the Mexican Hat Dance
Grade 3 Maori Stick Game American students learn the Maori stick game (via aNew Zealand video tutorial) and then share what they learned.
Grade 3 Gal Teaches About Capturing Digital Images Student shares tips for creating great photos and videos.

Grades Four to Six

How Gears Work by Sandaig Primary School
Fourth Grade students learn about the word "network" as they network their Nintendo DS's
Fourth Grade Dead Words Funeral
Grade Four Representing Numbers
Grade Five students create their own drums
Grade Five Mr. Toft's grade 5s test their egg protectors. (Ottawa, Canada)
Grade Five Multipiciation with arrays - explained by Mrs. Smith's students (Ottawa, Canada)
Grade Six Student's World War Two Presentation

Middle Years

Sophie Rosso's science class explains water displacement.
Hairspray Performance
Mockingjay Book Report

High School

Thermite Demonstration Mr.Cook's Class
Book Report by LJ
Smuggling Zereda by grade eleven students
Love Triangle - telling a story