Point and Shoot: Using Video to Capture Learning

Other Resources for Making Movies

These resources all make movie-type formats:

Animoto - Takes your photos and makes a movie. You can choose background music from different genres, and add text. Then the site makes it into a movie which you can embed into your blog, wiki etc.
Photopeach - upload and arrange photos, add your choice of music and share what you have made. This application allows open commenting.

One Tue Media - also allows you to upload photos, add music and special effects and then share or embed your movie.

Voicethread - Add voice to pictures. Also allows voice comments.
  • Grade two students give reports on various countries from around the world
  • A high school student gives a book review of Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone
  • A grade six math example - decimals and putting them on a number line.

Smilebox - This site requires a download to your computer to use it. Students tell about their Christmas traditions in this example.
Sketchcast - This is a drawing tool that makes a movie (up to 20 minutes) of your drawing process. A primary math example is here. An embed code is provided. If students had tablets, this could be a great tool for assessing letter and number formation.
Flixtime - Add photos, video and text to a sixty second video.

Recording From a Smartboard

How to use the Smartboard recorder tool

Examples of videos "capturing learning" on a Smartboard

Recording Skype Calls

Often Skype calls we make in class are an excellent learning opportunity for the students. You can extend this opportunity by recording and posting the calls you make on Skype using Ecamm Network.